Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Several visits to Ouse Fens Nature Reserve

Clouds reflect in the river at Ouse Fens in Cambridgeshire

At this time of year, sunsets are a bit more manageable thanks to the shorter days, so I have recently been visiting Ouse Fens Nature Reserve of an evening. This RSPB site it a haven for many types of bird life, some of them quite rare. Unfortunately my wildlife photography skills leave a lot to be desired, so I stuck to landscapes.

Thankfully there are several spots to be found along the River Ouse, and some of them do favour the sunset image, so I have been taking full advantage. Below are a selection of images, they're not all taken at different spots, but all are taken on different days, with accompanying weather conditions and cloud cover to add a touch of variety.

RSPB Nature Reserve at Ouse Fens as Clouds reflect in the River Ouse
The leading edge of a large cloud bank catches the evening sun and is reflected in the river. A few minutes
later the wind got up and surface ripples obliterated any reflections.

Dramatic clouds over the Nature Reserve at Ouse Fens in Cambridgeshire
Storm clouds gather and are suffused with colour. And yes, I did get rather wet on the 20 minute walk back
to the car.

Ouse Fens river runs through this peaceful nature reserve in Cambridgeshire
There wasn't much colour to be had as the sun was completely hidden behind the clouds, but I did like this
tranquil river scene.

Quiet evening reflection in the RSPB Nature Reserve of Ouse Fens
Fragile, crispy looking clouds wander overhead, reflecting their smoky tendrils along the run of the river.

Clouds reflect in the River Ouse at the RSPB nature reserve in the Cambridgeshire Fens
Another view looking along the course of the Ouse as it roams past the reed shrouded banks. This time
though, the clouds had the decency to put on a little bit of a show.

Gentle river at dusk in the Ouse Fens Nature Reserve in Cambridgeshire
Twilight colours drift on high in this shot taken at dusk.

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