Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Autumn at Monks Wood part one

Cambridgeshire woodland in autumn colour

Last week I took a trip over to Monks Wood in Cambridgeshire, it was designated a national nature reserve in 1953, and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It has been described as one of the best examples of ancient ash-oak woodland in the East Midlands.

I was in search of some autumn colour, there wasn't a great deal about, but I managed to find a bit, as you see.

The following images show what colour I could find in this attractive woodland. In part two we will have a closer look at the leaves and berries that adorn the trees.

Monks Wood in Cambridgeshire in autumn

Tree trunk at Monks Wood during the autumn season

Cambridgeshire woodland turns a bright autumn colour

Beautiful autumn colours at Monks Wood in East Anglia

Autumn hues cover the trees in this colourful woodland

Colourful woodland in the afternoon sun in Cambridgeshire

Monks wood in Cambridgeshire in full autumn bloom

Monks Wood in Cambridgeshire with autumn colour in the trees

Cambridgeshire woodland in the warm evening light
At the end of the day I got a few shots of the setting sun lighting up the woodland.

Warm sunset light in the woodland floor in Cambridgeshire

Monks Wood in the warm evening light in Cambridgeshire

Sunlight dapples the woodland floor in Cambridgeshire

Autumn tree captured at Monks Wood and turned into an oil painting
I couldn't resist turning this one into a little oil painting :)


  1. Hi Martin... I'm adding Monks Wood to my Cambridgeshire Walks website (http://cambswalks.blogspot.co.uk) and would love to use some of your photos snapped there. Would you be happy with this if I include an attribution? Thanks, John

    1. Hi John, apologies it's taken a while to get back to you. Yes I'd be happy for you to use some of my images from Monks Wood. Just let me know which ones and I'll get them over to you. If you could include a links to my website and blog that would be great.

    2. You can get in touch via martyn@martynferryphotography.com