Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Autumn at Monks Wood part two

Close up image of black berries at Monks Wood

Following on from yesterday's post from Monks Wood, where we saw the trees changing into their autumn finery, in this post, also from Monks Wood in Cambridgeshire, we look a bit closer at some shots of the leaves and berries that festoon the undergrowth and the vibrant colours they reveal.

Monks Wood is a fair size woodland and doesn't get many visitors, which meant I pretty much had the place to myself as I rummaged through the thicket looking for shots. It was very peaceful indeed.

I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I did taking them.

Close up image of a yellow leaf and twig at Monks Wood

Yellow leaves of autumn and a spider at Monks Wood

Colourful foliage at Monks Wood in Cambridgeshire

A spray of vibrant red autumn leaves in Monks Woodland

A multi coloured oak leaf as it transforms into its autumn vibrancy

Delicate green foliage in the autumn colours of Monks Wood

Maroon berries in this close up nature image from Monks Wood

A dark red berr yis suspended from a twig in a cambridgeshire woodland

Yellow and green foliage of autumn at Monks Wood

Autumn at Monks Wood with this close up shot of a vibrant red berry

Delicate green leaves are backlit by the afternoon sun

Close up nature image of delicate green leaves in the afternoon sun

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