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Lynford Arboretum at Thetford Forest

Lynford Arboretum at Thetford Forest in Norfolk

A few weeks ago I paid a visit to Thetford Forest, in particular, to Lynford Arboretum, a beautiful spot located in the North East corner of the forest, and somewhere I’d not been to before, so I was keen to give the old camera a bit of an airing and to see what I could see.

Owned by the Forestry Commission, it is the UK’s largest man made lowland forest and covers over 18,700 hectares, and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The forest was created after the First World War to provide a strategic reserve of timber, since the country had lost so many oaks and other slow-growing trees as a consequence of the war's demands.

Pine tree woodland at Thetford Forest in Lynford Arboretum
A tranquil forest scene.

From its creation in the 1920’s, Thetford Forest’s predominant use was to produce timber for a wide variety of outlets, and this continued up until 1990, when the forest was designated as a Forest Park. This refocused the main objective of the forest towards wildlife conservation and visitor attraction.

Camera movement over pine trees at Thetford Forest in Norfolk
A played around with a bit of intentional camera movement. Here I panned upwards as I took the shot,
smearing the pine trees vertically along the image.

Lynford Arboretum is home to over 200 tree species, with many rare varieties, including the Serbian Spruce, which is rarely encountered in the wild. It has been calculated that an ancient oak tree found in the south of the Arboretum was planted in 1671. The same year that saw Charles II on the throne, and Mark Anthony, the Roman General of Anthony and Cleopatra fame, die.

Pine trees move with zoom panning in Lynford Arboretum at Thetford Forest
These next shots were taken while zooming the lens very quickly while pressing the shutter, which gives
some interesting results.

Thetford Forest pine woodland with intentional camera movement zoom

Pine trees of Lynford Arboretum camera movement in Norfolk

Pine trees and grassy pathway with intentional camera movement
These two shots remind of the speeder chases in Return of the Jedi, and that is never a bad thing.

Lynford Arboretum lens movement with pine trees in a blue at Thetford Forest

I had a bit of a wander around and soon found myself in the pine forest, lowland Britain’s largest example, as I can never resist a pine forest. The rows of plumb straight trunks and lush green canopy are always an enchanting sight. And as the arboretum was not particularly busy as a whole, I had the whole pine grove to myself, with just the ever present chirruping of the birds in the afternoon sunshine, and a couple of skittish muntjacks timorously emerging from the shadows for company.

Quiet woodland view of large trees in Lynford Arboretum under spring sunshine
The bright sunshine illuminates the forest floor.

Pathway beneath the towering pine trees on a spring day at Thetford Forest
One of the grass trails that wind their way through the woodland. A muntjack appeared out of the greenery
along here, but as per, I was too slow to get a picture of it.

Lush spring woodland in Lynford Arboretum in the afternoon sunshine
Beech trees looking stunning against the bright green leafage. 

After getting my fill of pines, I traversed the boundary of the plantation, where it borders onto land owned by the Ministry of Defence, and not welcoming to visitors judging by the numerous signs dotted along the perimeter, and found myself among a collection of beech trees. Their smooth trunks, rippled and fluid in an assortment of tan, grey and white hues, rising up from the verdurous ground into sprays of sparkling green foliage, still fresh and unspoiled in their spring vibrancy. 

Thetford Forest afternoon among the trees in Norfolk woodland of Thetford Forest
With the leaves catching the sunlight, they seem to glimmer among the tree trunks.

Fresh foliage at Lynford Arboretum in Thetford Forest in Norfolk
A frond splash of apple green.

Portrait of a tree in Lynford Arboretum in monochrome at Thetford Forest
A muscular looking tree trunk.

Spring leaves cast shadows on a tree trunk in the sun at Lynford Arboretum
I liked the pattern of shadows these leaves created on the base of the tree.

Once I’d gotten a few pictures of the handsome scenes around me, I headed back to the car, but, and I know I often say it, this was a place that would definitely require another visit.

Woodland scene in the spring sunshine at Lynford Arboretum in Thetford Forest
A minty looking natural tableau.

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