Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Colourful insects & flowers in close up

Close up photography of a meadow brown butterfly at Ouse Fen nature reserve

A couple of days ago I took a trip to Ouse Fen, an RSPB run nature reserve, in the hope of getting some shots of the abundant bird life that takes up residence there this time of year. It is home to a multitude of geese, ducks, swans, gulls, coots, terns, grebes and cormorants, along with a few herons. Some of which have travelled for thousands of miles to breed on its lakeland islands.

Unfortunately, even though it’s easy enough to get pretty close to the colonies, I just didn’t have the capabilities with the lenses I own, to really get close enough for any meaningful images. So after endless whirling around, trying to follow the birds as they flew overhead, and attempting to catch the terns as they speared into the water on the hunt for fish, I decided that I was wasting my time, and the birds could go shove it

Instead I concentrated on the local insect life, as there were a plentitude of wild flowers about, which were attracting an abundance of butterflies and other arthropods, so I aimed my camera at the ground instead and got a few shots of these colourful citizens of the shrubbery…

Nature reserve image of a Small tortoiseshell butterfly
A small tortoiseshell butterfly stands out against the sunny flowers.

Ouse Fen nature reserve damselfly in close up
A common blue damselfly clings to some grass.

Close up image of black and yellow cinnabar moth caterpillars
A group of cinnabar moth caterpillars having some lunch. The hairy spines are venomous and can cause quite
the rash.

A bumblebee crawls over bright yellow flowers in this close up image
Possibly a buff tailed bumblebee, but I'm not entirely sure about that.

Cloe up image of meadow brown butterflies collecting nectar from flowers
A collection of meadow brown butterflies supping on nectar.

Image from a wild flower path with a Ringlet butterfly drinking nectar
A ringlet butterfly.

Image of an common blue damselfly with yellow flowers above
Common blue damselfly raises its tail.

Bright yellow flowers with bumblebee in a close up image
Bumblebee on an expedition to find nectar.

Close up image of a beautiful Small tortoiseshell butterfly on yellow flowers
Another shot of a small tortoiseshell butterfly showing off its splendour.

Beautiful image of Cinnabar moth caterpillars on a plant with shallow depth of field
Cinnabar moth caterpillars doing what they do.

Spring close up of a meadow brown butterfly among wildflowers
Another meadow brown at repast.

Yellow flowers with a Ringlet butterfly and two red soldier beetles
Ringlet butterfly with a couple of soldier beetles scampering about the ragwort flowers.

Bright blue damselfly rests on some blades of grass
Close up of an electric blue damselfly resting on some grass.

A meadow brown butterfly sips nectar from yellow flowers in this macro image
A good view of this meadow brown sipping at the flower nectar.

Close up image of a meadow brown butterfly among the grass
A meadow brown with open wings. As you can tell, there were a lot of meadow browns about.

Extreme close up of a section of a feather
A close up of a feather that caught my eye.

Black headed gull flies above with a pure white background
And finally, here's one of a black-headed gull for good measure.

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