Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fen Drayton nature reserve

The River Great Ouse at Fen Drayton nature reserve with beautiful reflections

Over the weekend I took a trip to Fen Drayton, to visit the RSPB run nature reserve that can be found there. I was still on a hunt for wildlife and I thought I might find some suitable natural nuggets within its environs.

There wasn’t as much birdlife as I thought there might be, but I made up for it with some shots along the River Great Ouse, which runs through the reserve, and from rummaging through the undergrowth on the hunt for smaller quarry.

The reserve, a 108-hectare area comprised of several lakes formed from exhausted sand and gravel pits, is home to around 190 bird species, many of whom must have been in hiding when I visited. In times of heavy rain and river flooding, the entire reserve goes under water, including car parks and most rights of way.

It is planned that the reserve will become part of a much larger wetland area along the River Great Ouse, linking to the Hanson-RSPB Wetland Project at Ouse Fen, which should become Britain's largest reedbed within the next 30 years. In fact it was at Ouse Fen that the images from my last two blog posts were taken. Here and here.

Close up of a brown snail climbing over lush vegetation at Fen Drayton
I spotted this little fellow below me as I walked past, and spent the next 20 minutes in various ridiculous, 
hunchback poses trying to get a close up shot of him. I'm glad I did though, as I think this was my favourite 
shot of the day.

Fen Drayton nature reserve looking verdant on a summers day
Some lush vegetation along the River Ouse.

Two green veined white butterflies mate in this macro image taken at Fen Drayton
A pair of Green Veined Whites continuing the family name.

River Ouse mirrors the lush vegetation at Fen Drayton nature reserve
The river runs such a lazy course this time of year, the surface is almost mirror like. I had to grab this shot 
as quick as possible before a couple of canoes sliced through the water and ruined the reflection.

Macro image of a tiny snail on a leaf in a nature rerserve at Fen Drayton
Another one of my intrepid little friend as he heads off to pastures new. Looks like he's been involved in bit 
of agro by the state of his shell.

River Great Ouse at Fen Drayton nature reserve reflects wildlife and vegetation
A couple of ducks and an old tree stand sentinel by the waters edge.

Snail slithers of a green leaf in the undergrowth at Fen Drayton
Another little snail, this time with a blue/grey shell.

Fen Drayton reflection of a large ash tree in this nature image in the Fens
An old ash tree next to the waters edge.

Close up photograph of a red admiral on a wooden sign at Fen Drayton
This beautiful peacock butterfly was sat outside a bird hide, so I thought I would get a picture, as soon as I raised my camera, the wings closed. I must have been stood there for about 10-15 minutes waiting for them to open up again. They never did. Little sod.

Ash tree surrounded by undergrowth in this nature image from Fen Drayton nature reserve
A partially fallen ash tree amongst the undergrowth.

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