Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Woodland colours at Holme Fen

Red ferns and green leaves under silver birch trees at Holme Fen

A couple of weeks ago, in my third visit to Holme Fen, the largest stand of silver birch trees of its kind in the country, and a place that has more atmosphere than you can shake silvery stick at, I get a bit of warm afternoon sunshine for the first time.

So taking advantage of that, I took a bit of time to explore and get a few shots of the autumn colours, both on the trees themselves, and on the vibrant carpets of ferns that cloak the forest floor.

To find out a bit more on the history of this intriguing place, including how it rivalled the lake district in its aqueousness, and why eels were used as local currency, see my previous post on the area.

Colourful woodland in Cambridgeshire at Holme Fen in the Anglian Fens
Bright, aurulent colours sparkle among the branches of these gnarled trees.

Silver birch trees around a patch of ferns in the afternoon sunlight at Holme Fen
A ray of sunlight breaks through the canopy, illuminating these ferns on the woodland floor.

White trunk of a silver birch among the green ferns of Holme Fen woodland
An alabaster trunk stands out against the dark green foliage.

Reds, yellows and greens at Holme Fen in this spectacular autumn woodland
A riot of colour in the heart of the woods.

Wind sweeps the tall canopies of silver birch trees in the Cambridgeshire Fens
It was windy day, and all I could hear above the gusts were the groans and creaks of the lanky trees
as they swayed and lurched above me.

Silver birch trees at Holme Fen are lit up by the afternoon sun
Sprouting tree in the afternoon sun.

The largest silver birch woodland in Britain in full autumn splendour
Looking up to the yellow birch canopy.

colourful woodland at Holme Fen in the East Anglian Fens in Cambridgeshire
As evening began to draw in, the light disappeared. The woodland has several clearings within it, which
makes for a welcome relief from the overarching darkness in the woods once dusk arrives.

Holme Fen woodland in Cambridgeshire carpeted in scarlet ferns
The bright, ashen trunks contrast well with the vibrant ferns.

White trees stand out against the red ferns on the ground at Holme Fen
Overcast light brings out the colour in the crimson carpet.

Beautiful colours cloak the atmospheric woodland at Holme Fen in Cambridgeshire
Specks of golden leaves litter the trees in this part of the woodland.

Green leaves and red ferns in the colourful woodland of Holme Fen
The trees are densely packed together, which makes it incredibly dark when walking among them.

No doubt I will be back to Holme Fen sometime soon, I'm looking forward to seeingwhat the winter months bring.

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