Wednesday, November 18, 2015

An evening in Blenheim Park & the River Glyme

Sunset reflection in Blenheim Park on the River Glyme by Martyn Ferry Photography

A couple of weeks ago I took a stroll into Blenheim Park on a beautiful evening to see what autumn colours I could find in the High Park, which is home to a multitude of ancient trees, many over 600 years old.

I entered via a section of the grounds situated about 1km from the palace itself, and which, with it's entrance to be found near the village of Combe, in an area traditionally known as East End, is generally a lot quieter than the area around the palace.

Sun shines through the trees at Blenheim Park in Oxfordshire by Martyn Ferry Photography
While I didn't find much in the way of photographic opportunities among the ancient trees, this sunny little
path caught my eye.

I wandered past the ancient oaks and yews, towards one of several lakes that were created in the first half of the 18th century, from the path of the River Glyme, which wanders through the palace grounds, hoping to get some nice reflections in the calm waters.

Thankfully I was not disappointed, clouds began to gather overhead just in time for the setting sun to fire them into a colourful blaze.

Blenheim park lake reflects the autumn colours by Martyn Ferry Photography
Vibrant autumn colours reflected in the lake. I scared off about 100 ducks that were resting on the bank
to get this view, but I have a feeling they didn't really mind, they knew it was worth it.

Sunset colours over a bridge at Blenheim Park by Martyn Ferry Photography
As the sun began to set, the sky commenced it short but
spectacular display.

Sunset at Blenheim park reflected in the River Glyme in Oxfordshire by Martyn Ferry Photography
The clouds turned from a vivid orange, becoming a rosy salmon, before bringing the evening to a conclusion
under a coat of burnished ruby.

River Glyme at Blenheim Park reflect the sunset colours and the moving clouds by Martyn Ferry Photography
Clouds scudded across the twilight sky as the day was absorbed into night. 

Once the light had faded I started back up the hill to the ancient woodland, all the while thinking I probably should have brought a torch with me for the return journey!

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