Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Confetti Fields

Field full of brightly coloured flowers under a cloudy sky www.martynferryphotography.com

A few weeks ago I visited the flower fields in Wick, Worcestershire to get a few shots of the beautiful fields in full bloom. It was the last weekend of the year that the 26 acre field was open to the public, in fact it was the first time it had been properly opened to the public for ten years, so while the weather wasn't great, a bit of sun would have been nice, I was keen get over there anyway.

The fields are owned by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company, and as the name suggests, they use the various colours of English Delphiniums they grow to make confetti, among other things. The flowers are hand picked, and there were already people out loading baskets with the colourful blooms while I was there, 

I spent a few hours among the vibrant colours, enjoying the odd sensation of being surrounded by so much colour and endeavoring to get some pictures that captured the feel of the place.

Beautiful flower field under a stormy sky www.martynferryphotography.com

Two colours of bright flower fields under a cloudy sky www.martynferryphotography.com

A field of bright pink English Delphiniums under clouds www.martynferryphotography.com

A stunning field of blue and white English Delphiniums www.martynferryphotography.com

Rows of brightly coloured flowers as far as the eye can see under a stormy sky www.martynferryphotography.com

Stunning view of vibrant flowers stretching into the distance www.martynferryphotography.com

Rows of English Delphiniums at the Confetti Fields in Wick www.martynferryphotography.com

A stormy sky over a field filled with rich pink English Delphiniums www.martynferryphotography.com

Two colours of English Delphiniums at The Confetti Fields in Wick www.martynferryphotography.com

Close up shot of blue Delphiniums with a sea of white flowers behind www.martynferryphotography.com

Purple and pink English Delphiniums fill the frame at the confetti fields www.martynferryphotography.com

A purple background highlights the pink Delphiniums in the foreground www.martynferryphotography.com

They also grow a wide range of wild flowers around the edges of the Confetti Fields, they were starting to go over but I managed to get a few close up shots of the colourful little blooms, which I will be posting at a later date.

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