Monday, May 11, 2015

Bluebells in West Woods

Last week I paid a visit to West Woods, just outside Marlborough, for a spot of bluebell photography, as it's about that time of year when they are looking their best. West Woods is a plantation of beech trees on a former ancient woodland site, managed by the Forestry Commission.

Until around 1300 West Woods was part of Savernake Forest, but now, along with Savernake and Collingbourne Woods, form Marlborough Woodland. West Woods is one-fifth of the size of Savernake Forest, and was clear-felled in 1928, leaving only a few Ancient and Veteran trees on the outskirts. It was replanted with mainly Beech, with some Birch, Pine Sycamore and Ash.

Thankfully there are spots here and there that have been well managed, with fallen and cut branches piled up out the way, leaving some lovely clear glades of bluebells, with none of the detritus that often spoils the view, so it was an ideal spot for some bluebell photography.

Following are a few shots from that morning, as you can see, the sun was in and out so the feel of the woodland differed quite a lot depending on the light.