Monday, August 7, 2017

Cornucopia of wildlife at Ouse Fen 02

Macro image of a Long-winged Conehead grasshopper in the undergrowth
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Part two of my little expedition to Ouse Fen Nature Reserve, which finds me on the lookout for its smaller inhabitants as they hide in undergrowth, doing their best to keep out of my way as I trample through their habitat.

Which makes it sound like I'm engaged in some sort of wanton destruction of their little homes, and in a sense I am, and I'm glad. No of course I'm not, but there is so much happening in the shrubs and the grasses, that just the act of walking among them reveals a bounty of wildlife, as they scurry or flap their way to safety.

So a keen eye allows you to follow their journey, and hopefully snap them as they temporarily rest among the brush, it's actually a very absorbing way to spend some time, as it engages you completely. No wonder grasshopper is the name of a yoga position.

Close up image of a common blue butterfly at Ouse Fen Nature Reserve
Female common blue butterfly perches on a blackberry bush.

Macro image of a labyrinth spider in a hedge at Ouse Fen Nature Reserve
This labyrinth spider watches me as I try and get a shot in focus.

Scarlet dragonfly in the afternoon sunshine at Ouse Fen Nature Reserve
Male ruddy darter takes a small rest in the afternoon sun.

Close up image of a meadow grasshopper at Ouse Fen Nature Reserve
Thankfully this meadow grasshopper lived up to its name, as I found it in a meadow.
I think we would have both been embarrassed if I'd discovered it somewhere else.

Looking through the reeds at a reed warbler bird at Ouse Fen Nature Reserve
Reed warbler among the reeds, where they tend to stay most of the time, which
makes it very difficult to get a clear shot of them.

Macro image of a lesser marsh grasshopper looking like a dragon
A lesser marsh grasshopper looking very dragon like.

A lesser marsh grasshopper sits among the grasses at Ouse Fen Nature Reserve
Here's the same fellow from above, much more recognisably a grasshopper.

Close up image of a brown barred moth with wing patter detail
A type of barred moth, with lovely variegated browns across its wings.

A large bumblebee sits on a purple flower while covered in pollen
A rather plump bumblebee covered in pollen.

Highly detailed shot of a beautiful damselfly at Ouse Fen Nature Reserve
Probably a female blue damselfly, but minus the blue colour, which is not unusual.

Macro image of a long-winged conehead with long antenna and bright green colours
Long-winged conehead grasshopper, the same type as in the first image, with
impressively rangy antenna.

Brown and yellow brown hawker dragonfly up close with beautiful detail
A female brown hawker dragonfly on a blackberry bush.

Macro image of a fearsome labyrinth spider in her tunnel web
Another one of a labyrinth spider, where you can really see its fearsome fangs.

Afternoon sunlight on a speckled wood butterfly at Ouse Fen Nature Reserve
A speckled wood butterfly warming itself in the late afternoon sunshine.

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