Sunday, July 23, 2017

Here be dragon(flies) and a damselfly

Macro image of a female common darter dragonfly taken at Ouse Fens

Following on from my recent, and relatively unsuccessful trip to get some images of dragonflies, I decided to give it another go, but at a different location. And thankfully it worked out a lot better. 

These little beauties were a lot more cooperative, and sat still for minutes at a time in some cases. Which meant I wasn’t left to ineptly flounder about, in a bumbling clownish manner, in an effort to track them on the wing. I could take my sweet time about it, within reason of course.

As an added bonus, there were a few different species about as well, so I could get a bit of variety in the shots. I still can’t decide if dragonflies up close are the stuff of nightmares, or incredibly beautiful, but whatever they may or may not be, they are certainly an interesting subject to photograph, and I was there for a good couple of hours or so, snapping away. 

So I give you a small selection of dragonflies, and a beautiful little damselfly to finish off with, and that is all I can give you.

Close up image of a female ruddy darter dragonfly from behind at Ouse Fen
A female ruddy darter on a dead flower. The detail on their thorax and wings is incredible.

Macro image of a brown and white common Hawker Dragonfly at Ouse Fen
It may be known as a common hawker, but there is nothing common about its appearance.

At rest in the nature reserve at Ouse Fen a female common darter dragonfly
A nice clear image of a female common darter, the same species as in the image at the top of the page,
which in the first picture, to my mind, looks a bit like Homer Simpson.

Macro photography of a female common darter dragonfly at Ouse Fens Nature Reserve
The face and eyes of a female common darter, along with the intricate structure of the wings.

Close up image of a vibrant yellow female black tailed skimmer dragonfly
A female black tailed skimmer is partly camouflaged by the pebbles she rests on.

Detailed macro image of a female common darter dragonfly at Ouse Fen
The rear view of another female common darter. I like the little touches of red along the back.

A weathered old four spotted chaser rests on a cane at Ouse Fens Nature Reserve
A rather weathered old male four spotted chaser, that has obviously been around for a while defending
its territory.

Macro photography of a female ruddy darter dragonfly with green reeds in the background
A female ruddy darter soaking up the afternoon sunshine.

Delicate close up image of a female emerald damselfly clinging to a reed at Ouse Fen
And finally, a lovely looking female emerald damselfly.

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