Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Before & after images of the Dordogne

Dordogne images comparison with Photoshop editing then and now

Going through my website recently, I realised how much my processing style had changed over the years, hopefully for the better! Workflow and processing skills should evolve over time, and along with things like camera technique and compositional skills, go to make us better photographers. 

The down side is of course, when I look at images I processed years ago I don't exactly get a warm feeling inside. So to that end I decided to re-visit my images from the Dordogne taken in 2010, and thought it might be interesting, at least to me anyway, to compare how my processing from 6 years ago has changed to how I process them today.

The full article can be seen on my website, where I have to tools to offer a direct comparison between the images.

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