Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stormy Skies

I was out the other day in the changeable weather we've been having, and managed to get a few shots of tumultuous skies above the Cotswold landscape. 

I had to dodge a few rain showers, and it was a case of grabbing the shots when I could, but with such volatile conditions it was worth the effort, as they can produce some interesting results.

Rural Oxfordshire field with dark stormy clouds above by Martyn Ferry Photography
These very dramatic clouds work well with the fresh green field below.
A storm front sweeps across the Cotswold landscape by Martyn Ferry Photography
Stormy clouds sweep across the landscape spreading a curtain of rain behind them.
A Cotswolds wheat field under fluffy white clouds by Martyn Ferry Photography
With a slight break in the weather some blue sky was visible above this yellow wheat field.
Green Cotswold landscape under threatening stormy clouds by Martyn Ferry Photography
A field of green crops under a threatening sky, needless to say,
it chucked it down a few minutes later.
A single tree with fluffy clouds above in the Cotswold countryside by Martyn Ferry Photography
A single tree sits in a mature rape field under some lovely white clouds.

You can view this same tree when the rape field was in flower, and under some stormy skies of it's own, right here.

Yellow Cotswold wheat field under some beautiful clouds by Martyn Ferry Photography
Another shot of the wheat field with tracks under an interesting sky.

Hopefully we'll continue to have a few more days of shifting weather patterns, as they often produce some very dramatic images, and assuming you have some waterproofs or are rather light of foot, it's well worth getting out there and seeing what the sky throws together.

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