Friday, July 18, 2014

Cotswold Lavender and Cornflowers

It's that time of year, when the lavender is in full bloom, so it was time I got myself to Snowshill Lavender Farm for a few snaps.

There was the added bonus this year, of a field of cornflowers beaming away, and to be honest, having taken various pictures of the lavender in previous visits, it was these multi coloured blossoms that caught my eye, and had most of my attention.

This was a long exposure to get some movement in the clouds, but not that much because it was a bright
day and the clouds were obviously feeling particularly lazy.

The morning started off nice and bright, with some blue sky to complement the glittering flora.

The clouds however soon started to gather in mass.

Within an couple of hours it was all looking quite stormy, and as you can see from the movement in the
flowers, quite a breeze had developed.
So as not to end on an overcast note, here are a couple from Somerset Lavender Farm, taken the day before.
What a colourful time of year!

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