Saturday, April 13, 2013

I visited a local fishing lake recently but I didn't want to go fishing.

I will admit though that I had a private, urgent need that required satisfaction. And yet, I didn't have the slightest desire to stand, tackle in hand, on the banks of this great pond and while away the hours tugging on my rod (And no, it is not wile). So now we have cleared that up, as many an angler has had to do. I will admit that my great need was to get some images of water.

You know how you might get a hankering for a certain type of food all of a sudden, and nothing will make it go away until that craving for a century egg or Casu Marzu or whatever floats your boat is satiated. Well that is the position I found myself in. I wanted some reflections and I wanted them right away.

So I headed to the aforementioned fishing lake at sundown to see what I could find and I was pleasantly surprised. The sun for its part was ‘playing the game’ and I managed to get a few nice shots in the bag. Nothing earth shattering, but they gratified the flustering urge that had been growing inside me.

And after that lazy sun had slumped beneath the horizon, I sauntered past the fishermen, still grappling with their wet flies and wooly worms, with many pleasing thoughts filling my contented mind.

As the sun was saying goodbye it deposited some golden tones
on the blue/grey lake which worked well.

Here, from a different viewpoint the sun has naffed off, but i like the composition of the clouds and
the reflection in the calm water.

Same view as above but in portrait, in B&W it's the reflection that
makes this shot. It looks almost as if the clouds are a broiling
mass under the water.

As always, it's worth hanging around after the sun has left the building, as that's sometimes when
the colours get ramped up in the clouds. This was fairly subtle but worth waiting for.

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